Vitaly, A Taste Of Italy in the OC | Gelato Flights

VitalyFlight Vitaly, A Taste Of Italy in the OC | Gelato Flights

Vitaly is an Italian Caffé located at The Camp in Costa Mesa.

Walking into the caffé, you’ll notice a casual and contemporary décor that  allows diners the option of eating in the indoor lounge, at a table, or the outdoor patio.

Vitaly offers a wide selection of Italian dishes, coffees, and sweets. The highlight out of all the sweets, is their house made gelato that can be seen behind the freezer case upon walking into the caffé.

The colorful arrangement of gelato flavors can be daunting at times because you might be an indecisive person, or you just want to try them all.  Vitaly has tastebud elevating flavors made from fresh fruits, such as strawberry and cantaloupe sorbet, to richer flavors such as salted caramel, tiramisu, mascarpone, and more.  You can choose from having a big scoop of gelato on a wafer cone, wafer shot, on a stick, in a sandwich, or as a sundae.  There are many options to choose from to end your meal with a tasty dessert.


VitalyFlight2 Vitaly, A Taste Of Italy in the OC | Gelato Flights

Gelato Flights

When you can’t decide on a single flavor, we recommend getting a whole gelato flight ( Gelato Menu here ). The flight comes with five mini waffle cones filled with five of your flavor choices.  Maybe you’ll get all five with the same flavors, your flight, your call, buckle up, the seat belt sign is on.  The amount is just perfect for you to enjoy five different flavors without feeling guilty or overcharged.  Can you really have too many sweets?  Never.

Vitaly is the place to visit when you want a true taste of Italian gelato without the high air fare costs.  Nothing beats gelato made in house, and Vitaly has a special way of making their sweet eats that sets them apart from others. When visiting, you can sample as many flavors as you like before coming to your final sweet destination.  Ready to join the Mile High Cream Club?  Don’t delay, come to Vitaly in Costa Mesa, CA




2937 Bristol St B100/B103
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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