• Creamology Labs Scooping Away in Whittier, California

    Creamology Labs first opened its doors in July 2015 and has been scooping made to order liquid nitrogen to locals from all around Whittier, CA.  It was founded by a Biomedical Engineer and a Financial Economist who got together and spent months crafting and perfecting the best tasting ice cream. Compared to the traditional process […]

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  • Stirring Up Ice Cream at Cauldron Ice Cream | Costa Mesa, CA

    Have you heard the latest buzz?  There’s some wicked magic happening in Costa Mesa, CA at the newly opened creamery - Cauldron Ice Cream. Cauldron Ice Cream is stirring up delicious, homemade ice cream in small batches with the infamous, and scientific method of liquid nitrogen as their source of churning.  You know what this means? […]

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  • Customize Yourself. Petit Choux Macarons | Irvine, CA

      Kayley of Petit Choux Macarons customizes macarons to order.   She tells us her hidden background and passion in art carried over into making macarons, but she didn’t always have plans for baking.  She “woke up like this.”  Kayley woke up one morning deciding to bake macarons by picking up ingredients from a local Trader […]

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  • Cookie Connection Got Us Feeling Connected One Bite at a Time

    That Instant Connection   Cookie Connection  We walked into this newly opened location in Irvine, CA, and we definitely felt a connection — that Cookie Connection.  You know that feeling you get when you feel that strong connection or chemistry with someone special?  Well, these cookies gave us just about the same sense of happiness.  […]

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  • XT Patisserie – A One Stop Macaron Boutique

    XT Patisserie was established in 2007, but were only creating and selling fine chocolates at the time.  After a few years in business, they switched their focus to macarons and found their true calling.   The mastermind behind these macarons is Xuan Ngo.  He was born in Vietnam, but grew up in Les Baux de Provence, France, where he […]

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  • What’s POPpin’ at Popbar?

    Popaholic (Pä-pə-ˈhô-lik) n. 1. A person who consumes a popbar with a high chance of becoming addicted. The popaholic eagerly waited in line at the Packing House District in Anaheim, customized their gelato on a stick, and snapped a photo.   Are you a popaholic?! Popbar was originally founded in New York City, and fortunately […]

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  • Dreams do come true, with PIIPA Cakes

    PiipaCakes, a first experience with an online only business. Ever feel like there’s no time for anything?  Well, that’s the convenience of online purchases!  It’s just a click away.  We’re always on the lookout for delicious macarons and PiipaCakes is definitely one that fits the category. PiipaCakes started in March of 2014 as a private order business, […]

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  • Neveria La Flor de Mexico – Sweetest Ice Cream Shop in Stanton

    The small city of Stanton, has a little gem of an ice cream spot. Stanton’s population is roughly 38,000 compared to Garden Grove, CA at 175,000.  This is a small city, and some people may have never even heard of it or may think it’s located in the middle of nowhere.  However, the neighboring cities […]

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