• Stirring Up Ice Cream at Cauldron Ice Cream | Costa Mesa, CA

    Have you heard the latest buzz?  There’s some wicked magic happening in Costa Mesa, CA at the newly opened creamery - Cauldron Ice Cream. Cauldron Ice Cream is stirring up delicious, homemade ice cream in small batches with the infamous, and scientific method of liquid nitrogen as their source of churning.  You know what this means? […]

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  • The Milky Bun of Afters Ice Cream Finds a New Home in Tustin, CA

      Have you heard?!  It’s time to get up off your feet, and do the happy dance because Afters Ice Cream has found a third home in Tustin, CA.  The grand opening is currently to be determined, but we are excited to know that the infamous “milky bun” is making it’s way around Socal.  The […]

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  • Fenton’s Creamery, An Iconic Spot In Oakland

    Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland, California has been serving up their amazing ice cream sundaes since 1922, becoming an icon of the East Bay. Their iconic stature was also present in Pixar’s film, Up, when they were featured in a scene where Mr. Fredricksen, Russell, and Dug are having a tasty treat on the curb. They […]

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  • Cookie Connection Got Us Feeling Connected One Bite at a Time

    That Instant Connection   Cookie Connection  We walked into this newly opened location in Irvine, CA, and we definitely felt a connection — that Cookie Connection.  You know that feeling you get when you feel that strong connection or chemistry with someone special?  Well, these cookies gave us just about the same sense of happiness.  […]

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  • PDX to LA | Salt & Straw is Keepin’ it, WEIRD.

    BRACE YOURSELVES. It’s about to GET WEIRD. Salt & Straw offers ice cream like no other, and is a scoop shop that has raised the standard for all ice cream lovers. Originated in Portland, Oregon, Salt & Straw continued to make its way down the coast, and us Californians sure are lucky to share in […]

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  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Arrives in California

    Jeni’s Ice Cream Truck. Photo Credit: Jenis.com Jeni from the block, Ohio block that is.   The wait is over, ladies and gents. Ohio based ice cream company founded by Jeni Britton Bauer (who is a James Beard awarded winner) is bringing their ice cream to the West Coast!   #yougogirl Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream […]

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  • Shop ’til you drop, and then stop at Sweet Rose Creamery

    Sweet Rose Creamery  So you’ve been walking around ALL day, spending loads of cash on things you THINK you need at The Grove. You’re dead tired, your feet are hurting, and you have a couple of bucks left over from paying $24 for that 7 hour parking. What do you do? Spend the rest on […]

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  • Macarons By Natalie, One Of NorCal’s Best Macarons

    The Donuts, Cookies, and Cream team is always on the hunt for amazing sweets.  This time, our journey takes us to the Bay Area where we found some delicious macarons.  A small business operation based out of Oakland called Macarons by Natalie creates some marvelous macarons for her customers to enjoy. Sitting down with Natalie Wong, we […]

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