• Grand Opening Of Creamology Labs!!!

    Creamology Labs, LA’s Premier Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Chain This Friday July 17th Creamology Labs celebrates its Grand Opening by offering FREE unlimited ice cream at no cost to you between 4:00pm-8:00pm. The grand opening will be held at its first location at 15588 Whittwood Lane in Whittier, California. The ceremony begins with a ribbon […]

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  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Finally Opens In Los Angeles

      The long, long wait is finally over! Jeni’s Spledid Ice Cream based out of Ohio opens their first West Coast scoop shop on the corner of Hillhurst and Clarissa avenues in Los Feliz. Before this exciting shop opened, customers on the West Coast who knew of Jeni’s could only purchase the ice cream from specific […]

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  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Arrives in California

    Jeni’s Ice Cream Truck. Photo Credit: Jenis.com Jeni from the block, Ohio block that is.   The wait is over, ladies and gents. Ohio based ice cream company founded by Jeni Britton Bauer (who is a James Beard awarded winner) is bringing their ice cream to the West Coast!   #yougogirl Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream […]

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  • Creamistry… Where Science Meets Ice Cream

    Creamistry… Home of the Mad “Creamologists.” Creamistry’s first store opened in Fall of 2013 and has now expanded to four locations in the SoCal region (Irvine, CA., Long Beach, CA., Cerritos, CA., and Corona, CA.).  Creamistry takes the art of science and combines it with the indulgent taste of ice cream.  They specialize in made-to-order […]

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  • Breakfast of Champions at BakerCakeMaker in LA

    BakerCakeMaker sure knows how to put a smile on our faces, and feed our hungry bellies. BakerCakeMaker had their grand opening approximately two weeks ago, and is located in East Hollywood of Los Angeles, CA. We had a 7-course breakfast upon entry.  Of course we came here for the Donuts, Cookies, and Cream, BUT when […]

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  • Where the Magic Happens – Disneyland

    Once upon a time, in a far far away land (ok, not that far, but at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA), there were magical refreshments #ICECREAM.  They had an enchantment upon their addictive taste, which could only be enhanced by love’s first bite.  Scattered away in various locations, surrounded by fire breathing dragons (Haha! Just kidding – Surrounded […]

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  • KUPS Italian Ice – Join the #KUPSSQUAD

    Is ICE CREAM the NEW boba/yogurt? Remember that time, when “Boba” drinks blew up in California?  Remember that time, when Yogurt blew up in California?  Remember this, ICE CREAM just blew up in California, Southern California to be exact.   Currently, the top heavy hitters of ice cream variants are: 1. Afters Ice Cream ( Milky […]

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  • Cold Sweets in the Garden at Carmela Ice Cream

    Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream.  In a perfect world for the sweet toothers who crave and want to indulge in cold and fresh garden-like sweets, all ice cream would be made from organic dairy, and real ingredients, such as herbs, spices, flowers, and seasonal fruits.  Wait a second, Carmela Ice Cream in Los Angeles, […]

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