S’mores Oreo: The New Flavor Rumored….

To Be Coming In The Near Future.

Lately, Oreo has been on a streak with launching a variety of unique limited edition flavors. Some creative flavors include caramel apples, cookie dough, marshmallow crispy, and most recently, red velvet. There is a rumor floating around the cookie world that the newest flavor coming in the future will be s’mores. Maybe they’ll call it S’moreos.

The first picture ever posted of the S’mores Oreos was tweeted by Michael C. Souza, who claims to work for Mondelez International Inc., which produces Oreos.  It looks like all S’mores Oreo traces from his twitter account was deleted, but this is the internet, and the picture/details have already been on record.

With no official word on whether the flavor will be released if at all, Oreo fans can only wait patiently.  Like always, we will keep all of the cookie lovers informed when we find out new information.  Let’s hope Oreo makes it Oreofficial with the S’mores flavor so we can pretend we’re actually camping without the dirt, wild animals, trees, and fire.


smores Smores Oreo: The New Flavor Rumored....

Photo: Twitter


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