We’re Nuts about SK’s Donuts

SK PeanutButter Were Nuts about SKs Donuts


The positive adjectives can go on and on.  We are nuts about SK’s Donuts and SKronuts!  Watch our Tastemade video for a tour of SK’s Donuts!


Sk’s Donuts and Croissants
SK’s Donuts is a quaint little family owned donut and pastry shop on the corner of 3rd and Alta Vista in LA.  They’ve been in business for over 25 years.  This only means one thing – they are definitely doing something (or everything) right!

Although YELP reviews can sometimes be skewed, we must agree that all the  4-5 star reviews for SK Donuts are on point.  They have an overall 4.5 star rating, and we got to experience why.  #canwegivethem10stars


SK Kronuts Were Nuts about SKs Donuts

Walking into this little donut shop, we smelled the freshness of their quality products.  It was so unreal, and we couldn’t wait to try them!  The display of donuts and SKronuts had us practically drooling, but we kept our composure #thatshowwedo.  There were so many options to choose from, but we went with the following:

SK Strawberry Nutella 2yb5mfhmz9prx75hnb9csq Were Nuts about SKs Donuts SK DOnuts APple2 2yb5mii76aiamd2ew3p3be Were Nuts about SKs Donuts SK Peanut Butter2 2yb5mjidwmrsur1dz16c5m Were Nuts about SKs Donuts

Cronuts aka SKronuts

Strawberry/Nutella SKronut
Apple Pie SKronut
Peanut Butter SKronut

These SKronuts were unbelievably BOMB.COM.  It was EVERYTHING a cronut should be.  It was flaky on the outside with the right crunch in every bite, fluffy on the inside, and filled with the freshest ingredients with just the right amount of filling.  It was so perfect… #wewantmore


SK Apple Cronut2 Were Nuts about SKs Donuts

Check out the cross section of the Apple Pie SKronut.  YEAH it’s LOADED.


SK Oreo 2yb5mr6b8haadpkkgvgc22 Were Nuts about SKs Donuts SK Oreo Bar inside 2yb5mqsqploq1kbyb9wd8q Were Nuts about SKs Donuts SK Oreo Bar 2 2yb5mqjp10mchgu7jjj216 Were Nuts about SKs Donuts


Oreo Bar – Any Oreo lovers reading this post??!  Well, this is the donut for YOU.  It consists of Oreo crumbs and cream filling atop/inside a fresh donut.   This donut is dangerously delicious!   Dry donut?  Not a chance.   It was just right, and we were so impressed!

Thank you, YELP for introducing us to this little gem of a donut shop.


SK’s Donuts Website: http://skdonut.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/skdonutsla


S K’s Donuts & Croissants
5850 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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