Sunday Morning at Sidecar Doughnuts

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Sunday Funday


Looking for an alternative Sunday Funday? There is no better way to start your early Sunday Morning than with Sidecar Doughnuts. If you’re looking for both savory and sweet donuts, this is the place to be. We basically had a four-course adventure here: 1) breakfast, 2) breakfast, 3) dessert, and 4) dessert (that’s all you need really).  Hold on tight, you’re about to get sugar wasted.


#1 Breakfast

We started off with their famous Green Eggs and Ham donut, which consisted of a poached egg with a green hollandaise sauce (basil, scallions, brown butter & lemon juice, swallowed by a whole donut.  #ThankYouDr.Seuss

#2 Breakfast

Breakfast number 2 was the Maple Bacon donut, which was sweet and savory; bacon goes with everything!  This donut had a sweet maple glaze atop of your traditional donut, BUT with chopped bacon bits sprinkled all about.  #OINK!

#3 Dessert

Skipping lunch and moving straight to dessert, the Malasada with strawberry jam was the perfect sugary transition and reminded us of sunny Hawaii mornings at Leonard’s Bakery.  We would be in our flip flops, shorts, and tank tops to stand in a pretty long line to get our early morning DCC ( Donuts, Cookies and Cream ) fix. #ALOHA

#4 Dessert

Here comes the S’more donut, which took us back to summer nights at the beach after a long day of swimming and barbecuing. We threw bonfires with two main ingredients: guitars and s’mores ( graham crackers, Hershey’s candy bars, and marshmallows ). This S’more donut had a chocolate glaze, honey graham crumbs, and a toasted marshmallow on top to finish it off.  #BonfireInOurMouths  #WhenIMetYouInTheSUMMER

After we finished it, it felt like the night was over, but alas it was still only morning. As if the sugar hadn’t woken us up yet, we finished the Sidecar morning with some of their Vietnamese coffee and hopped in our car for the next spot.



Website: Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

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