The Red Velvet Oreo Rumors are True! Coming Feb 2nd.

Red Velvet Oreo The Red Velvet Oreo Rumors are True! Coming Feb 2nd.
Source: Mondelez International

Oreo has been on a roll with its crazy cookie flavors, such as Watermelon, Marshmallow Crispy, Pumpkin Spice, Cool Mint, Cookie Dough, and more.  You know we’re all about the cookies, and especially the Oreos.  Oreos are on top of our list because we grew up eating them, you can get them at most stores, they’re cheap, and VERY addicting.

We’ve heard and seen rumors floating since October 2014, of a new flavor coming from Oreo and you won’t be disappointed.  The Red Velvet Oreo is here.  The red velvet craze blew up from cupcakes and on February 2nd, they’re coming to a store near you.  #TAKEMYMONEY!

The two cookies are your typical red velvet color and apparently the cream filling is a cream cheese like filling that is softer than your typical Oreo.  Set a reminder in your phone, mark you calendars, leave a note on the fridge because February 2nd, is right around the red velvety corner.

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