What’s POPpin’ at Popbar?

Popbar Avocado What’s POPpin’ at Popbar?

Popaholic (Pä-pə-ˈhô-lik) n.

1. A person who consumes a popbar with a high chance of becoming addicted. The popaholic eagerly waited in line at the Packing House District in Anaheim, customized their gelato on a stick, and snapped a photo.


PopBar Line What’s POPpin’ at Popbar?

Are you a popaholic?!

Popbar was originally founded in New York City, and fortunately made its way to the west coast as a franchised business on the second floor of the Packing House District in Anaheim, CA. The Packing House just opened up a few months ago with many eateries and bars to choose from.


PopBar Double Pops What’s POPpin’ at Popbar?

Strawberry Sorbetto dipped in milk chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate topped with almonds

Hazelnut Gelato dipped in milk chocolate, drizzled with milk chocolate topped with hazelnuts

Popbar Wall What’s POPpin’ at Popbar?


All of their popbars are made with natural ingredients and real fruits to guarantee an authentic and fresh taste with no preservatives! There is no artificial coloring, and their Popsorbettos are even vegan and lactose-free!


Popbar Line1 What’s POPpin’ at Popbar?


This ice cream spot is definitely a head turner with the display of gelato/sorbetto selections and long lines. Have you ever wondered why this place draws in crowds with the line often wrapping around the second floor? Because you can’t get your very own customized bar anywhere else, and it’s tasty!


PopBar MenuGlass What’s POPpin’ at Popbar?


There are a few easy steps to customizing your very own popbar:

1) Choose your flavor (sorbetto, gelato, or yogurtpop)
2) Select your dippings (premium dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint dark chocolate, or white chocolate); Feel free to fully dip, half dip, or drizzle any of the selections!
3) Pick your unlimited toppings (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, coconut, chocolate sprinkles, caramel corn, or crushed waffle cone)
4) Ta da! Eat and enjoy your custom made popbar! Have you become a popaholic? #WELCOMETOTHECLUB


PopBar Packing Wall What’s POPpin’ at Popbar?

Head on over to the Packing House District to enjoy your newfound addiction of Popbar, along with other #DonutsCookiesAndCream spots.


Popbar Website: http://www.pop-bar.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/popbar




440 S. Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805

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