Dreams do come true, with PIIPA Cakes

PIIPA Care Dreams do come true, with PIIPA Cakes

PiipaCakes, a first experience with an online only business.

Ever feel like there’s no time for anything?  Well, that’s the convenience of online purchases!  It’s just a click away.  We’re always on the lookout for delicious macarons and PiipaCakes is definitely one that fits the category. PiipaCakes started in March of 2014 as a private order business, and has now expanded with an online store.  They recently launched their online business on October 19, 2014.


PIIPA STACK Dreams do come true, with PIIPA Cakes


They have various flavors ranging from the traditional Sea Salt Caramel, Pistachio, and Chocolate; to more unique ones such as Durian, Adzuki Red Bean, and S’mores.  Check out their extensive list of flavors found on their menu( http://www.piipacakes.com/shop/macarons ).  Are you getting hungry yet???!


PIIPA Hearts Dreams do come true, with PIIPA Cakes

( Photo: PiipaCakes )


The talent responsible for these macarons is Sophia Van, a self-taught baker who studied Physiological Science for her undergrad and then pursued a Masters in Global Medicine.  What a genius.  She got started with macarons one day when her mom, who absolutely loves French Macarons, asked her to make some for a social event. Sophia had heard that it was a daunting and difficult task to bake, but since it was for her mom, she was up for the challenge.


PIIPABOX Dreams do come true, with PIIPA Cakes
After several trials and errors, she concocted the perfect batch. She threw a celebratory party, and exposed her macarons to the social media world.  Thanks to social media and foodies like us, PiipaCakes has grown into a small business enabling Sophia to pursue this career as a remarkable macaron baker.


PIIPACAKES Smores Dreams do come true, with PIIPA Cakes

( Photo: PiipaCakes )
PiipaCakes’ motto is to always use fresh and natural ingredients.  Each bite of macaron has perfect consistency and quality you can taste.  They taste as good as they look!  PiipaCakes also offers seasonal flavors so be sure to check them out, drool over the photos, and place an order!


PIIPA Halloween Dreams do come true, with PIIPA Cakes
Piipa Cakes Website: http://www.piipacakes.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/piipacakes

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