Customize Yourself. Petit Choux Macarons | Irvine, CA


0 Petit8 Customize Yourself.  Petit Choux Macarons | Irvine, CA

Kayley of Petit Choux Macarons customizes macarons to order.  

She tells us her hidden background and passion in art carried over into making macarons, but she didn’t always have plans for baking.  She “woke up like this.”  Kayley woke up one morning deciding to bake macarons by picking up ingredients from a local Trader Joe’s, and her artistic mind and vision comes to life whenever she’s in the kitchen.

If you’ve ever made macarons (we have), you’ll know that the first batch will probably be your worst batch.  She experienced first batch problems like the rest of us, but dusted her flour off and tried again.  To her surprise, her second batch of macarons had no cracks, no bubbles, and feet. #Happyfeet


0 PetitChar7 Customize Yourself.  Petit Choux Macarons | Irvine, CA

We found Petit Choux Macarons via Instagram, the top social media right now for foodies and desserties alike.  You know we had to order some of these little cookies to try.  We asked for customized Donuts,Cookies, and Cream logo macarons and Kayley delivered phenomenally.  She also made some character macarons, which is the buzz lately with macaron artists and the details and tastes were ON POINT.


0 PetitFruity4 2 Customize Yourself.  Petit Choux Macarons | Irvine, CA

She asked us for our flavor preferences, and incorporated the below flavors into the custom macarons.  Best. Decision. Ever.

FLAVORS: Fruity Pebbles, Peppermint, Cookie Butter, Framboise, Choco-nut (Thai Coconut Butter Cream and Dark Chocolate), Sea Salt Butter Caramel, and Pistachio

Kayley at Petit Choux Macarons has plans for a storefront in the future, but for now you can get yours made to order! Check out her Facebook and Instagram in the links below to see how you can order.



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