Oreo Churros, is this real life?

oreo churro main image Oreo Churros, is this real life?


Hybrid foods are becoming an everyday thing now, from Ramen Burgers, to Phorritos, to Cronuts.  J&J Snack foods teamed up with Mondelez International and will be releasing the Oreo Churros to the Donuts, Cookies, And Cream addicts.  Churros are essentially a Spanish doughnut, deep fried of course, and covered in sugar.


KTLA News was given an exclusive taste test of the Oreo Churros and reports they will be available at Downtown Disney and other theme parks soon.  http://ktla.com/2014/11/17/tasting-the-new-oreo-churros/

We love our churros, and definitely our Oreos, but this combo though?  DEAD.  Is this real life?


More details here:  http://www.jjsnackfoodservice.com/product1_1.aspx?parents=364&pid=367


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