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Do the words GOURMET and DONUTS go together?

Back in the day, you would never see these two words being used in the same sentence. You’re so used to seeing the traditional glazed donuts, twists, chocolate glazed, cinnamon sugar, bear claw and so on. Ever since the BLUEBERRY donut popped up over here in Southern California, donuts have made a HUGE comeback and Donut Bar has joined the ranks here in Orange County. #GOURMETDONUTS

Expanding from San Diego, CA they have created a following and their selling point is HUGE and FRESH donuts. Last call for fresh donuts is when they run out, although hours are 7:00 am – 1:00 pm Monday – Friday, and 8:00 am – 12:00 pm ( Sat – Sun ). They want you to get up and rush over to their shop to order with their donut bartenders. If you feel like wetting your whistle with your donuts, coffee and milk is ready to pour on tap at the Donut Bar. #POURITUPPOURITUP

Donut Bar is minutes away from us, so we’ve visited pretty often. Donut Bar has both huge yeast donuts and regular sized cake donuts with lots of flavor variety on certain days. Their menu changes daily, so be sure to check their Facebook Page:. During the holidays, the donuts get festive there and usually have free donuts for kiddos on Sunday mornings. We’ve even seen some pretty awesome looking donuts such as Ninja Turtles, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Homer Simpson, Samoa, and also their own version of a Cronut a.k.a. “Crobar.” #CREATIVE

We first paid a visit on July 4th and picked up an American Flag decorated donut the size of Uncle Sam’s beard and enjoyed it at the beach with the rest of America. On recent adventure to Donut Bar, we rushed there just as it opened for their famous “FRENCH TOAST” donut, Crème Brulee and Maple Bacon. French toast and a donut? Why didn’t we think of that?! Just imagine a donut shaped French toast paired with Vermont maple syrup, New England blueberry jam, and whipped butter. The Crème Brulee donut was a cute little ball with a crispy sugar coating that had yummy custard filling oozing out once cut in half. The Maple Bacon bar is always a #TeamDCC favorite ( we love anything bacon ). It was definitely up to our standards if a maple bacon donut. #OINK

If you’re looking for a hip gourmet donut spot to hang out at, try Donut Bar in Fountain Valley, CA.

Check out the photos above and #Tastemade video down below of our experience.

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