What Doughs Around, Comes Around at Milk Jar Cookies

watermark milkjar 1 What Doughs Around, Comes Around at Milk Jar Cookies

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? We did, and you can find them happily in our bellies. Ok ok, we definitely didn’t steal them, but we surely bought a batch of these scrumptious goodies.

Milk Jar Cookies keeps it simple.  They offer brewed coffee, milk, and even serve ice cream from a local creamery.  My oh my, what a perfect combo.  All these items are so compatible with fresh cookies!

Milk Jar Cookies based out of Los Angeles, CA specializes in freshly baked cookies, and even allow customers/clients to place orders online for pick up or delivery.  How convenient is that?!

The size of these cookies are pretty darn big and delicious, BUT, we’d eat a dozen of them with our eyes closed (without any hesitation).  As we walked into this sweet little shop, we entered sensory overload. Our little noses were full of joy, and our eyes were staring in full amazement at the display of assorted cookies.  We decided to drive home and unselfishly share our cookies.  Our greedy belly was saying eat them all by ourselves, but the angel on our shoulder thought otherwise. After all, what doughs around, comes around. It’ll be good karma, right? Sharing is caring.

Our five senses began to heighten once again.  The cookies looked even better up close and personal when we took it out of the little brown bag.  They were so soft, and smelled so fresh!  It was as if we brought the actual Milk Jar Cookies shop into our kitchen!  The moment it touched our lips, we entered foodporn, and all we heard from one another was “Mmmmm.”  Yes, that little fat boy that lives inside our belly was overjoyed with these sweets, and so were we.

Photographed above are the following:
1) White Chocolate Raspberry
2) Chocolate Chip Walnut
3) Mint Chocolate
4) Oatmeal
5) Banana Split
6) Chocolate Pecan Caramel

Can we order another batch, and keep them all to ourselves next time around?  Mmm mm good.

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