Macarons By Natalie, One Of NorCal’s Best Macarons

IMG 8423 Macarons By Natalie, One Of NorCals Best Macarons

The Donuts, Cookies, and Cream team is always on the hunt for amazing sweets.  This time, our journey takes us to the Bay Area where we found some delicious macarons.  A small business operation based out of Oakland called Macarons by Natalie creates some marvelous macarons for her customers to enjoy.

Sitting down with Natalie Wong, we were able to get the scoop on how her passion for baking macarons all started. She tells us her story of being a huge fan of baking since she was much younger, recalling all the times she would bake cookies and cupcakes with her mom to bring to class to share with her classmates. Baking has always been a stress reliever for Natalie and she loved the fact that her creations would always make others happy.

IMG 8425 Macarons By Natalie, One Of NorCals Best Macarons

Natalie was introduced to macarons two years ago from a friend.  She loved them so much that she decided to try and make them. She started by searching for online recipes and eventually perfected a recipe to call her own.  After trying many macarons in the Bay Area, Natalie sought out to create quality and affordable macarons with unique flavors.


IMG 8428 Macarons By Natalie, One Of NorCals Best Macarons

Natalie started baking macarons in 2012, but began selling them approximately a year ago.  Her best selling flavors are Thai Tea, Pistachio, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Her personal favorite is Strawberry Cheesecake, but her newest creation, Peach Cobbler comes close.  Natalie envisions herself opening up a fun and trendy dessert café in the future.


IMG 8420 Macarons By Natalie, One Of NorCals Best Macarons

The macarons are absolutely delicious and available for online orders.  If you live in the Bay Area, you can order by e-mail.


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