‘Lette it Go, ‘Lette it Go

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‘Lette it go, ‘Lette it go.  Can’t hold back anymore.  Where’s Olaf???  Does anyone else love the movie, Frozen as much as we do?


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It’s winter time, and some of us need that extra meat on ourselves to keep a little warmer.  Do you feel like you’ve already let it go, ‘Lette it go?  Well, that’s ok because the holidays are a time to celebrate (and a time to put on those stretchy/buffet pants & loose tops)!  Anyone can enjoy some sweets in moderation from ‘Lette Macarons at their various SoCal locations (Beverly Hills, Fashion Island, Glendale, Larchmont Villate, Little Tokyo, Old Pasadena, and San Diego).

Tastemade Video:

We visited the Newport Beach location at Fashion Island last night.  It was a chilly night for us SoCal folks (but east coasters would probably beg to differ).


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This ‘Lette Macaron shop is a quaint little location.  The ambiance is awesome, and you can’t help but feel excitement with the vibrant display and decor in the shop.  This location is like a little to go spot.  Get in, buy your macarons, and get out.  It’s easy as that.  While we were there, we experienced a huge influx of macaron lovers coming and going every minute.


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They have an awesome assortment of flavors with little labels that name every flavor.

Below are their top 3 sellers:

1. Salted Caramel

2. Sweet Wedding Almond

3. Caribbean Chocolate


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We ordered a dozen with the top 3 flavors included, and tried the additional flavors below:

1. Pistachio

2. Raspberry

3. Coconut

4. Earl Gray

5. Rose

They were all good!  The outer layer has the perfect texture – colorful, light, chewy with a slight crunch, and the filling is definitely quality you can taste.


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If you’re a last minute holiday shopper, and have no idea what gifts to buy your family or friends, ‘Lette Macarons would make the perfect gift!  It even comes in a cute little rectangular box… or…  you can even gift it for yourself… and eat them all like we did.

‘Lette Website:  http://www.lettemacarons.com/

‘Lette Instagram: http://instagram.com/lettemacarons



Lette Macarons
Fashion Island
1131 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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