Adventurously Hungry for Humphry Slocombe

Humphry Secret 2 Adventurously Hungry for Humphry Slocombe

It’s adventure time.

Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco, CA delivers adventure.  Why?  Because their flavors are so unheard of that we were daring enough to try them.


Humphry Sign Adventurously Hungry for Humphry Slocombe

When visiting San Francisco, and searching for an “ice creamshop, Humphry Slocombe will surely appear as top in the list (probably alongside Bi-Rite Creamery).  They currently have two locations — in Mission and at the Ferry Building.


Humphry Sign2 Adventurously Hungry for Humphry Slocombe

The Ferry Building was opened in 1898 and used to be the main destination where travelers were able to enter the city.  Present day, the Ferry Building is a Marketplace for restaurants, cafes, local grocers, and of course, ICE CREAM.


Humphry Wall2 Adventurously Hungry for Humphry Slocombe

There’s a line that zig zags in front of the shop, but it moves quickly, even with everyone sampling all kinds of flavors.  You’ll find the flavors of the day written in marker on the white tiled wall, so you’ll generally have an idea of what flavor should be sampled.  Some flavors we saw that day were, Secret Breakfast, Malted Milk Chocolate, Thai Chili Lime Sorbet, GO Giants! (Pumpkin 5 Spice), Butterbeer, and more.  This doesn’t sound like your typical ice cream shop, it’s an ice cream shop “with attitude.”

Humphry Secret 3 Adventurously Hungry for Humphry Slocombe

Here’s the scoop on the 2 flavors we tried:

Secret Breakfast –  Ice Cream for breakfast?  This was actually our first meal of the day here in SF, this flavor had cornflakes inside, and guess what the secret was?  BOURBON.  The amount of bourbon won’t get you buzzed, but we wouldn’t recommend this for the kids.  Sweet and crispy cornflakes married with some bourbon was a good pick me up for the day.

Harvey Milk & Honey Graham – Dedicated to Harvey Milk, the name speaks for itself, milk flavored with honey and graham cracker bits in it.  Can you handle the sweet?

Humphry Slocombe does not skimp on their heaping scoops, and their flavor quality is the cream of the crop.


Humphry Flavors1 Adventurously Hungry for Humphry Slocombe


One Scoop: $4.00

Two Scoops: $6.00

Three Scoops: $7.50


Humphry Slocombe Website:



Humphry Slocombe
1 Ferry building
San Francisco, CA 94111

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