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Have you ever been

to Matsumoto shave ice in Haleiwa, Hawaii or had a taste of any type of Hawaiian shave ice?  We were lucky to have traveled to Hawaii and experience this summer favorite.  Shave ice brings back the inner child in us with the flavor combos and colors.  However, our mainland version was the SNOWCONE and we’ve never had it with ice cream on both the inside and top like the Hawaiian style.  #ALOHA WM Hula Sign e1410996827169 Hula Girls Shave Ice   Im Melting

Our search for a good shave ice store front started last year.  We looked on for a spot and found Hula Girls Shave Ice.  Excited for another taste of Hawaii, we called the shop, but they were not yet open to sell shave ice. (We think they were closed for renovation).  Our quest for shave ice completely stopped there, but fast forward to a year later, and we found that Hula Girls is open and fully active on Instagram #YEAHSocialMedia

WM Hula ShaveIceSign Hula Girls Shave Ice   Im Melting  WM Hula Hat Hula Girls Shave Ice   Im Melting    


As we stepped out of our car in 90 degree weather,

a big SHAVE ICE sign stood there enticing us sweaty Californians.  Are you feeling hungry yet?  We introduced ourselves and asked for their favorite shave ice combos.   Recommended to us were: #1 The Hula Rainbow & #4 The Lava Flow.


HulaFullMenu Hula Girls Shave Ice   Im Melting

The hospitality here was AWESOME!

The owner of Hula Girls Shave Ice hand delivered our shave ice and gave us a history and lowdown on the flavors here.  This location has been opened since 2004, and we can’t believe this was our first time here!  The owner let us know that if we didn’t like the flavors, then he’d be happy to bring out another shave ice combination for us until we found the one we absolutely loved.  He was the sweetest, and showed that customer satisfaction was a priority.    How’s that for customer service?!  You really should go there now.

HulaLavaRainbow Hula Girls Shave Ice   Im Melting


1.  Hula Rainbow Shave ice: Strawberry, Banana, and Blue Raspberry syrup with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream inside and on top!

2.  Lava Flow Shave Ice: POG (Passion fruit, Orange, & Guava ) , Piña-Colada, Tigersblood ( Watermelon, Strawberry & Coconut )with Raspberry sauce.  We got ours with a #DOLEWHIP inside and on top.  #SOGOOD


HulaFlavors Hula Girls Shave Ice   Im Melting


Besides shave ice, they also serve Dole Whips and Dole Whip Floats.  As much as we LOVE Disneyland (see our recent Disney post), we’ll have to come here for the Dole Whips when Disneyland is overly crowded or beyond our reach.  

WM HulaIphone Hula Girls Shave Ice   Im Melting


If you like shave ice or if our pictures and video enticed you, check out for more details or follow them on

Instagram: @HULAGIRLSSHAVEICE              



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