Honey And Butter – Cutest Macarons

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Have you ever seen a dessert so cute and delicious that you just wanted to preserve, and not eat it? That’s how we felt when we stepped foot into the Honey and Butter airstream located at The Lab Anti Mall, which stands for “Little American Business.”
This shopping and restaurant plaza in Costa Mesa, CA is super hip to the bone with shops like Urban Outfitters, Buffalo Exchange, Blends, Seabirds Kitchen and many more. #HIP


HBTrailer 1024x1024 Honey And Butter   Cutest Macarons

Photo Courtesy of: Honey And Butter

Honey and Butter just parked their trailer at The Lab in June 2014, and hopefully are permanent residents here. We’ve been to The Lab many times and were very surprised that we didn’t know there were delicious macarons stationed inside!


1 HBMenu copy Honey And Butter   Cutest Macarons


Upon entry of the quaint trailer, we were greeted by one half of the dynamic dessert duo ( Husband & Wife ). We didn’t get to catch his name because he was so quick to give us details about the macarons and drools began dripping as he pulled out all of the samples from the fridge and laid them out on top of their chalkboard menu. He definitely knew his macarons as he describe EACH single macaron that was out. It was definitely A LOT to remember, but luckily we were taking down notes. #BackToSchoolNight


1 WM All5 Honey And Butter   Cutest Macarons

Feast your eyes below on these delicious Honey and Butter Macarons. You could purchase them as singles, or a set of 5 or 10 in a cute box with a ribbon. If you purchase the set of 10, you get a free CUTE character macaron! #CUTE


1 WM HBMacsoutside2 Honey And Butter   Cutest Macarons


We opted for the set of 5 and purchased 4 character macarons. The texture and taste on these macarons did NOT disappoint! Made from almonds directly from California, each macaron was so flavorful upon first bite with a nice crunch outside and chewy inside.


1 WM HB Row4 copy Honey And Butter   Cutest Macarons

Character Macarons we tried:

  1. Android – Cookie butter
  2. Hello kitty – Banana
  3. Panda – Coconut
  4. Penguin – Nutella


1 WM CremeStack2 1024x1024 Honey And Butter   Cutest Macarons

Regular Macarons

  1. Crème brûlée
  2. Pistachio
  3. Oreo
  4. Milk & honey
  5. Sea salt & caramel



Currently  Honey and Butter is open Tuesday – Sunday ( Closed Monday).  Sometimes they close early if they run out of Macarons, so be sure to give them a call if you’re driving from a distance!  For more details check out their website here www.HoneyNButter.Com.


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