Han’s Homemade Ice Cream is the PERFECT Summer Concoction

watermark hans 1024x1024 Hans Homemade Ice Cream is the PERFECT Summer Concoction

It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.  I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.  Wait, what??! Keep your clothes on, and come cool off at Han’s Homemade Ice Cream!  They now have two locations: their original location in Santa Ana, CA or their new location in Anaheim at The Packing District. This is the PERFECT summer concoction to cool off in this dry, California heat.

Han’s Homemade Ice Cream is so amazing. They allow you to sample endless flavors of ice cream, and their scoops are huge. Your single scoop may appear to look like a double scoop, and your triple scoop will give you a jaw-dropping effect. It’s THAT big. (Yeah, that’s what she said.)  In addition, the quality of the ice cream is to die for.  Each and every bite is utterly amazing, and the fluff and taste in the ice cream is just right.  It’s rich and creamy at the perfect level.  Did we just die and go to heaven? Someone pinch us. After all, it’s homemade, & the flavors are quite unique!

Photographed above is a triple scoop of 1) Banana Cabana, 2) Mint Cookies and Cream, and 3) Coffee Oreo.  These are our top three, which all taste very different, yet are all equally amazing.    Ok ok, maybe the Coffee Oreo may be #1 in our book because we are all coffee and oreo lovers.  Han’s Homemade Ice Cream had the brilliant idea to combine two of our favorite items into one, and ta da!  This delectable Coffee Oreo ice cream flavor was created and has changed our sweet lives forever.

Han’s Homemade Ice Cream is the real deal and you will definitely get a bang for your buck here.

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