Do-Rite Donuts, Doing Donuts Right

Do Rite Box 2 Do Rite Donuts, Doing Donuts Right

Do-Rite Donuts

They are definitely doing donuts right.  When searching for some of the best donuts in Chicago, IL., you’re almost guaranteed to see Do-Rite pop up on your list of findings as one of the top donut shops in this Windy City.  Do-Rite is a small donut shop located near The Loop.  They serve up some of the best donuts ever, and the line of people that goes out the door are worthy proof of how delicious these donuts truly are.


Do RIte Box Do Rite Donuts, Doing Donuts Right

Do-Rite’s main goal is to deliver the freshest donuts to their customers from opening to closing hour.  In order to achieve this goal, they make their donuts in small batches that are less than 36 at a time.  Talk about super fresh donuts every hour!


Do RIte 1 Do Rite Donuts, Doing Donuts Right

Vanilla Bean Glazed Cinnamon Crunch – A yeast raised cinnamon donut glazed and rolled in cinnamon streusel



When visiting, you can expect to find seasonal flavors, classics, and daily specials. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options, which is perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions.  Anyone can enjoy the sweetness of a donut!  Do-rite also sells donuts everyday from 6:30am.  What time do they close?  Well, they close when they simply run out of donuts, so come on in, and let the employees leave work early and order those delicious donuts!  The donuts won’t disappoint!

If you live in the Windy City or if you’re planning a trip to Chicago, and want to save time, they conveniently have an App that you can download from your cell phone OR you can visit their website and place an online order for pick-up, catering, or even delivery (if you’re in a specific vicinity that meets the requirements)! #thankyoutechnology How awesome is that?!  Beat the lines, beat the rush, and save time with the  App or online ordering. #talkaboutconvenience


Do Rite Pistachio Do Rite Donuts, Doing Donuts Right

Pistachio-Meyer Lemon – Meyer-lemon glazed pistachio cake donut covered in toasted Sicilian pistachios


Do Rite Bacon Cruller Do Rite Donuts, Doing Donuts Right

Candied Maple Bacon - Canided maple bacon donut, french cruller style donut dipped in maple glazed and covered in candied bacon.





Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee
50 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60601

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