DK’s Donuts, A Small Gem In The City Of Orange


On a beautiful day,

we set out on an adventure to find some amazing delectable donuts and we stumbled on a small gem in the city of Orange. Enter a little donut shack, known as DK’s Donuts, home to unique and delicious donuts. They have a WIDE selection of donuts to choose from and we had the toughest time trying to decide what to indulge in. After what felt like an eternity, we finally settled on five lucky donuts to be tasted.  Read on below for delicious descriptions:


DKsDonuts Churro 1024x1024 DKs Donuts, A Small Gem In The City Of Orange


Churro Cresnut:

A little bit of sugar and a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled generously on a piece of fried flaky dough. Take a bite and it will instantly remind you of a churro. To top it off, a layer of cream is added in the center of the donut and will blow your taste buds away.

DksDonuts Creme Brulee 1024x1024 DKs Donuts, A Small Gem In The City Of Orange

Crème Brûlée Cresnut:

If you like crème brûlée, you will be in for a treat. Caramelized sugar coating on the top gave the cresnut a nice crunch when you take a bite into it. Definitely one that must be experienced in once in your life.

 DKs Donuts Pina Colada22 DKs Donuts, A Small Gem In The City Of Orange
Piña Colada Cresnut:

This one was by far our favorite between the three cresnuts we sampled. In each bite, you get a layer of toasted coconut finished off with a hint of pineapple custard. The Piña is subtle, which harmonized the donut perfectly.  Lip smacking of approval kicked in on this one. #MmMmMm         

         DKsDonutsOrangeWheel DKs Donuts, A Small Gem In The City Of Orange

Strawberry Shortcake & Chocolate Delight:

Both of these donuts looked like donut burgers, but with fruit inside.  Would you consider this #Healthy?  Maybe a little?  The strawberry shortcake is filled with fresh strawberries and is simply heaven in your mouth. The texture that the fresh fruit added a nice touch and the freshness balanced out the sweetness of the glaze perfectly. The Chocolate Delight is exactly like the strawberry shortcake, but catered towards the chocolate lovers with a chocolate glaze on top. You can never go wrong with chocolate and strawberries.  #FruitDonutBurgers


DK’s Donuts is definitely a spot that all donut lovers needs to visit. If you’re near the area, definitely make a visit to give your taste buds a big party.  If you’re not near the area, take a trip like we did and enjoy the ride, with some donuts.

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