DK’s Donuts Santa Monica – U MIRIN?

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DK’s Donuts & Bakery in Santa Monica

has been the buzz since the “Cronut” landed over here from the East Coast. Their version is called, the “ONut.”  Croissant meets donut, and is layered and fried to a crisp for that flakey bite.  We picked up the “Purple Crumb ONut,” with purple frosting inside.  #CRISPY

It doesn’t end there, donuts have been getting REALLY creative lately, and DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica has been pulling out all of the stops. Their latest creations are the “Pro-nut”, for the fitness freaks (like us) and the “Wownut”, a waffle shaped donut. #DKSDONUTS

The “Pro-nut” contains Protizyme Protein from Metabolic Nutrition. We ordered the Red Velvet Pro-nut, which was a cake donut with strawberry protein and classic glaze. There were signs posted on the window that “each batch contains two scoops” of protein.  Split that into a batch of donuts ( 50grams total Protein/ X amount of donuts ), you do the math and decide how many protons you just consumed in one donut.  We’re unsure if any gains were acquired from this Pro-nut, but no donut was left uneaten.  #GAINSBRAH #UMIRIN ?

The Red Velvet Wow-nut was a huge waffle sized donut topped with warm cream cheese and Oreo crumbles. We asked for a fresh one and they gladly made us one fresh to order. #THUMBSUP! We’re uncertain how they made it, but can only guess it was waffle pressed first and quickly deep-fried traditional donut style, as we could taste the greasy goodness upon first bite. #WOWMOM

If you’re in the Santa Monica area, be sure to stop by this #SweetSpot to check out their latest creations. DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica is always trying to innovate and create new donuts to compete with the locals. #RyanSeacrest approved (they even have a donut named after him).

Website: DKsDonuts Santa Monica

#FLEX your eyes over at our Tastemade video below for a tour of DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica, CA.

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