Flock on over to the CRÊPE COOP.

CrepeCoop2 Flock on over to the CRÊPE COOP.Crepe Coop has been at the Anaheim Packing House for roughly a year now and it’s about to head southbound this summer.  They’re opening a Crepe Coop 2.0 at the Union Market in Tustin, CA. #staytuned

Now, these aren’t your normal crepes that you eat off a plate.  These crepes are hand held, portable, and eaten with a fork or straight to your mouth. #youfancyhuh


CrepeCoop1 Flock on over to the CRÊPE COOP.You have the option to DIY (Do It Yo’self).  Yes, you can build your own crepe.  Get creative, and then eat your own masterpiece by doing it yo’self.

1) Whip (coop whip – housemade whipped cream) – to add whipped cream, or not to add whipped cream #thatisthequestion

2) Choose your toppings – almonds, granola, mochi, peanut brittle

3) Decide on your Drizzle – agave, caramel, chocolate, sweetened milk, wild flower honey

4) Pick your Gelato - banana, chocolate decadence, matcha green tea, vanilla bean

5) Add Fresh Fruits – (select 1-2 options) – bananas, blackberries, blueberries, mangos, or strawberries

6) Select your Spread – Adzuki bean, caramel, chocolate, nutella, speculoos, or sweetened milk

Tada!  You’ve just created your very own crepe; BUT, if you’re feeling indecisive, then stick with the Tried N’ True menu!  No DIY.  They’ll do it for you! #noms


CrepeCoop6 Flock on over to the CRÊPE COOP.Choose the OG, APE Crepe, The Tropics, Nippon, or the Cocoa Berries.  Can’t go wrong with this menu!  They all look as good as they taste.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask if they have any “Specials” that aren’t listed on the menu. #thatshitcrepe


CrepeCoop7 Flock on over to the CRÊPE COOP.One of the specials we had was this Ferrero Rocher Crepe, just like the candy with Hazelnut Gelato, Rice Krispies, Nutella, and Almonds.  Excuse our french, but #ThatSH*TCrepe.

Flock on over to Crepe Coop, and do it yo’self or have them do it for you.

Crepe Coop: http://www.crepecoop.com/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/crepecoop


Crepe Coop
440 South Anaheim Boulevard 105
Anaheim, CA 92805

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