Creamistry… Where Science Meets Ice Cream

0 Creamistry Triple 31 Creamistry... Where Science Meets Ice Cream

Creamistry… Home of the Mad “Creamologists.”

Creamistry’s first store opened in Fall of 2013 and has now expanded to four locations in the SoCal region (Irvine, CA., Long Beach, CA., Cerritos, CA., and Corona, CA.).  Creamistry takes the art of science and combines it with the indulgent taste of ice cream.  They specialize in made-to-order hand crafted ice cream using liquid nitrogen.


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Their ice cream is created by Creamologists (Creamistry employees)!  By using liquid nitrogen, which is -321 degrees Fahrenheit, the ice cream rapidly freezes providing the richest and creamiest frozen treat.  Their ice cream contains no preservatives, and the flavors are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.  Because the Creamologists creates this concoction with each customer order, the ice cream is fresh and cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.  Inside the Creamistry located in Belmont Shore, CA (and at the other three Creamistry locations), there is a huge nitrogen tank in the store.  Also, behind the counter are the hard working creamologists who are prepping each customers’ unique ice cream.

0 Creamistry Reeses 3 EDITED Creamistry... Where Science Meets Ice Cream

Reese’s Base with Reese’s and M&M toppings


Creamistry Brownie FInal Creamistry... Where Science Meets Ice Cream

Cookies N Cream in freshly baked brownie bowl


0 Creamistry Single Bday Creamistry... Where Science Meets Ice Cream

Birthday Cake with cheesecake bites and a freshly baked waffle bowl


0 Creamistry Trio 3 Creamistry... Where Science Meets Ice Cream


The ordering process is simple!

1) Choose your size! (small, medium, family, specialty)

2) Select your ice cream base! (signature premium, organic, or real fruit sorbets)

3) Pick a flavor! (over 50+ selections, BUT they have a “Top Picks” list that may help you decide if you’re feeling indecisive).

4) Add some mix-ins/toppings! (various candies, nuts, fruits, syrups, cookies/cakes).  There’s so much variety!

5) Watch the magic happen as the Creamologists combine liquid nitrogen into the mixing bowl with your customized ice cream.  It’s fun and fascinating to watch the cloud of fog that forms from the mixing bowl with this indulgent scientific experiment.

6) Indulge in your unique bowl of ice cream.







Creamistry Belmont Shore
4725 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803

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