• Nomad Donuts has us traveling for Donuts | San Diego

    How far would you travel for donuts?  Would you quit your day job and be a Nomad looking for the best donuts? If you ever do that, make sure you stop by Nomad Donuts in San Diego on your journey.  Although Nomad Donuts just opened a few months ago, their donut flavors and textures make you […]

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  • European Gelato Vibes in Beverly Hills at Amorino

    Have you heard that the closest way to a woman’s (and probably a man’s) heart is through the belly?  Yes, save a trip to the flower shop, and head on over to Amorino in Beverly Hills, CA because they serve artistic gelato that looks like a rose! Amorino originated in several European cities and made […]

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  • Fenton’s Creamery, An Iconic Spot In Oakland

    Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland, California has been serving up their amazing ice cream sundaes since 1922, becoming an icon of the East Bay. Their iconic stature was also present in Pixar’s film, Up, when they were featured in a scene where Mr. Fredricksen, Russell, and Dug are having a tasty treat on the curb. They […]

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  • Customize Yourself. Petit Choux Macarons | Irvine, CA

      Kayley of Petit Choux Macarons customizes macarons to order.   She tells us her hidden background and passion in art carried over into making macarons, but she didn’t always have plans for baking.  She “woke up like this.”  Kayley woke up one morning deciding to bake macarons by picking up ingredients from a local Trader […]

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  • Frozen Bar is Serving Up Gelato and “Fronuts”

      You don’t need to be 21+ to enter. There is no ID check, and you can’t order alcohol or booze of any sort, but you can order some awesome flavored gelato and/or the infamous “Fronut!”   Welcome to Frozen Bar, a gelato bar. #sweet #literally What is a Fronut? A fronut is a glazed or […]

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  • Cookie Connection Got Us Feeling Connected One Bite at a Time

    That Instant Connection   Cookie Connection  We walked into this newly opened location in Irvine, CA, and we definitely felt a connection — that Cookie Connection.  You know that feeling you get when you feel that strong connection or chemistry with someone special?  Well, these cookies gave us just about the same sense of happiness.  […]

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