• Hula Girls Shave Ice – I’m Melting

    Have you ever been to Matsumoto shave ice in Haleiwa, Hawaii or had a taste of any type of Hawaiian shave ice?  We were lucky to have traveled to Hawaii and experience this summer favorite.  Shave ice brings back the inner child in us with the flavor combos and colors.  However, our mainland version was […]

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  • DK’s Donuts, A Small Gem In The City Of Orange

      On a beautiful day, we set out on an adventure to find some amazing delectable donuts and we stumbled on a small gem in the city of Orange. Enter a little donut shack, known as DK’s Donuts, home to unique and delicious donuts. They have a WIDE selection of donuts to choose from and we […]

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  • Where the Magic Happens – Disneyland

    Once upon a time, in a far far away land (ok, not that far, but at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA), there were magical refreshments #ICECREAM.  They had an enchantment upon their addictive taste, which could only be enhanced by love’s first bite.  Scattered away in various locations, surrounded by fire breathing dragons (Haha! Just kidding – Surrounded […]

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  • Donut Bar – Home of the French Toast Donut

    Do the words GOURMET and DONUTS go together? Back in the day, you would never see these two words being used in the same sentence. You’re so used to seeing the traditional glazed donuts, twists, chocolate glazed, cinnamon sugar, bear claw and so on. Ever since the BLUEBERRY donut popped up over here in Southern […]

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  • DK’s Donuts Santa Monica – U MIRIN?

    DK’s Donuts & Bakery in Santa Monica has been the buzz since the “Cronut” landed over here from the East Coast. Their version is called, the “ONut.”  Croissant meets donut, and is layered and fried to a crisp for that flakey bite.  We picked up the “Purple Crumb ONut,” with purple frosting inside.  #CRISPY It doesn’t […]

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  • KUPS Italian Ice – Join the #KUPSSQUAD

    Is ICE CREAM the NEW boba/yogurt? Remember that time, when “Boba” drinks blew up in California?  Remember that time, when Yogurt blew up in California?  Remember this, ICE CREAM just blew up in California, Southern California to be exact.   Currently, the top heavy hitters of ice cream variants are: 1. Afters Ice Cream ( Milky […]

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  • Black Market Bakery Welcomes You to the Dark Side

    Black market means to trade goods and services illegally. Feeling bad to the bone yet? Just a little. Black Market Bakery opened the door to our rebellious side. After all, the name entails “Black Market.” What does this mean? Let’s take a short trip down history lane. During World War II, baking ingredients were hard to […]

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  • Donut Worry, Be Happy at Donut Man

    Bobby McFerrin once sang, “Don’t Worry, be happy.”  Yeah, we love this song, and it makes us feel relaxed.  If you haven’t heard this song, it’s pretty self-explanatory.  Everyone is human and will encounter some problem in their lives, and have their own way of dealing with it.  Regardless, find a way to resolve it, move […]

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