• Afters Ice Cream – Best of Both Worlds in a Milky Bun

    Get ready, taste buds. You’re about to reach a high level of euphoria! Enter, the milky bun. Afters Ice Cream based out of Orange County, CA ingeniously put a spin on two of our favorite desserts – donuts & ice cream. What do we call this amazing concoction? The milky bun. This milky bun features […]

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  • Overloading on Carbs at California Donuts

    California… the state where the weather is near perfect all year round.  Donut… the sweet goodies filled with carbs and fats that we just can’t resist.  California Donuts… the sunny place in the west coast where we can fulfill our sweet desire for delicious donuts. Hello, carb overload!  Yeah, we said it, and we have […]

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