• Stirring Up Ice Cream at Cauldron Ice Cream | Costa Mesa, CA

    Have you heard the latest buzz?  There’s some wicked magic happening in Costa Mesa, CA at the newly opened creamery - Cauldron Ice Cream. Cauldron Ice Cream is stirring up delicious, homemade ice cream in small batches with the infamous, and scientific method of liquid nitrogen as their source of churning.  You know what this means? […]

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  • B Candy is Poppin’ with Wafflepops

      B.Candy located in Corona Del Mar, California just released their newest sweet treat – The Wafflepop. What is the “Wafflepop?” It’s exactly what it sounds like, a sweet Liège waffle on a popsicle stick; But it even gets better than that!  Get yourself “The Works,” by adding 3 mini ice cream scoops of your choice with […]

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  • Baskin-Robbins Kicks Off its 70th Birthday with “Celebrate 31″ Promo

    HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY to the largest ice cream chain around! Baskin-Robbins ages like fine wine.  Even after all these years, they’re still hip and happening.  In celebration of their 70th birthday, they are offering a “Celebrate 31″ promotion! What is this deal?  31% off all ice cream sundaes to all customers! When? Sunday, May 31st!!! #gogogo Where? […]

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  • European Gelato Vibes in Beverly Hills at Amorino

    Have you heard that the closest way to a woman’s (and probably a man’s) heart is through the belly?  Yes, save a trip to the flower shop, and head on over to Amorino in Beverly Hills, CA because they serve artistic gelato that looks like a rose! Amorino originated in several European cities and made […]

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  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Finally Opens In Los Angeles

      The long, long wait is finally over! Jeni’s Spledid Ice Cream based out of Ohio opens their first West Coast scoop shop on the corner of Hillhurst and Clarissa avenues in Los Feliz. Before this exciting shop opened, customers on the West Coast who knew of Jeni’s could only purchase the ice cream from specific […]

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  • Creamology Labs Opening SOON, for science. | Ice Cream

    Creamology Labs, a self claimed “Chipotle of Ice Cream” and LA’s second liquid nitrogen ice cream shop is set to open soon in the Los Angeles County. Your ice cream is made to order on the spot in front of your eyes with liquid nitrogen at -321 Fahrenheit, so you know for a fact it’s fresh. Their “Build Your Own” […]

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