• Where the Magic Happens – Disneyland

    Once upon a time, in a far far away land (ok, not that far, but at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA), there were magical refreshments #ICECREAM.  They had an enchantment upon their addictive taste, which could only be enhanced by love’s first bite.  Scattered away in various locations, surrounded by fire breathing dragons (Haha! Just kidding – Surrounded […]

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  • Black Market Bakery Welcomes You to the Dark Side

    Black market means to trade goods and services illegally. Feeling bad to the bone yet? Just a little. Black Market Bakery opened the door to our rebellious side. After all, the name entails “Black Market.” What does this mean? Let’s take a short trip down history lane. During World War II, baking ingredients were hard to […]

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  • What Doughs Around, Comes Around at Milk Jar Cookies

    Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? We did, and you can find them happily in our bellies. Ok ok, we definitely didn’t steal them, but we surely bought a batch of these scrumptious goodies. Milk Jar Cookies keeps it simple.  They offer brewed coffee, milk, and even serve ice cream from a local […]

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  • Baking Betty’s Keeps You Coming Back for S’more

    Baking Betty’s located in the food court of Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA gave us a lasting impression.  Have you ever walked around a shopping center, and stopped for a few seconds to wonder where that amazing smell of sweets/foods is coming from?  Or… have you ever walked by a bakery to simply stare […]

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