• It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere…SHOT TIME with The Dirty Cookie OC

    SHOT TIME!  ‘Cause you know it’s 5 O’ Clock somewhere!   Eating cookies in a circular shape is standard, but eating cookies in shot glass form while you’re sippin’ on some milk is on a different level.  The Union Market in Tustin opened not too long ago, and has some good eats including The CRÊPE COOP 2.0, […]

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  • B Candy is Poppin’ with Wafflepops

      B.Candy located in Corona Del Mar, California just released their newest sweet treat – The Wafflepop. What is the “Wafflepop?” It’s exactly what it sounds like, a sweet Liège waffle on a popsicle stick; But it even gets better than that!  Get yourself “The Works,” by adding 3 mini ice cream scoops of your choice with […]

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  • 5 Reasons Why You NEED To Try Audrey’s Cookies

    When you take a bite into any of Audrey’s Cookies, not only will you realize how delicious they are, but you will also be able to feel good about it!  Why? Because you’ll be contributing to a worthy cause at the same time. Audrey’s Cookies was founded and is owned by Roberta Koz Wilson. Roberta […]

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  • Texas Rangers feature fair food with Fried S’mOreo

    There are 190 days until the official 2015 State Fair of Texas, home of the deep fried everything, such as fried sriracha balls, chicken fried loaded baked potato, deep fried “breakfast for dinner,” which is a breakfast burrito that’s deep fried, and more. Teams are ramping up on their food ideas this year, and the Texas Rangers aren’t going […]

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  • Earn your Delectable Darlings with a Sunday Stroll | Anaheim Packing District

    It’s Sunday, and you’re thinking, “it’s a nice day for a stroll.”  Where do you go?  The Anaheim Packing District of course.   It’s been open since last summer and the community has been growing a fast pace.  Some places we’ve visited were Popbar, Crepe Coop, and Hans’ Homemade Ice cream inside the Anaheim Packing House.  However, […]

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  • Customize Yourself. Petit Choux Macarons | Irvine, CA

      Kayley of Petit Choux Macarons customizes macarons to order.   She tells us her hidden background and passion in art carried over into making macarons, but she didn’t always have plans for baking.  She “woke up like this.”  Kayley woke up one morning deciding to bake macarons by picking up ingredients from a local Trader […]

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  • Cookie Connection Got Us Feeling Connected One Bite at a Time

    That Instant Connection   Cookie Connection  We walked into this newly opened location in Irvine, CA, and we definitely felt a connection — that Cookie Connection.  You know that feeling you get when you feel that strong connection or chemistry with someone special?  Well, these cookies gave us just about the same sense of happiness.  […]

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