Canadian Bakery Debuts $100 Donut With Edible Gold Flakes

Just how much are you willing to pay for your favorite confectionery? I bet $100 did not cross your mind.

o DOLICIOUS DONUTS KELOWNA 570 Canadian Bakery Debuts $100 Donut With Edible Gold FlakesWell, a Canadian bakery just rolled out a $100 priced doughnut. We all know that that price is quite high for just a doughnut, so what makes this particular one worth that much?

To start with, the doughnut is made using Bling H20 luxury bottled water that retails for around $39 per bottle. To add to its costly ingredients is the 24-carat gold flake, and sugar diamonds’ that are used to cover it. Aged chocolate balsamic vinegar and ice wine –infused cream are also used alongside other ingredients and the doughnut is finally served on a sugar bowl. But why the choice of luxurious ingredients?

o 100 DONUT 570 Canadian Bakery Debuts $100 Donut With Edible Gold Flakes

The owners of Dolicious Donuts, formerly known as Vineyard Deli and Bakery in West Kelowna, B.C. wanted to re-open their business in style and the idea couldn’t get better than putting a $100 donut on the menu. According to the owners they got the idea after a customer proposed to his girlfriend at Dolicious’ previous location by placing the engagement ring on her favorite doughnut (which was a cream-filled Bismarck). And thanks to that marriage proposal, Donutopia was born.

But even with this $100 opulent doughnut, dabbed ’Donutopia’ on the menu. The bakery continues to make doughnuts using the same old recipe they have been using from scratch every day with no preservatives. The new delicacy has also picked up well. The first buyer of the Donutopia, James Daley pointed out that the doughnut does really taste its price. On Facebook, Daley went ahead to say that it felt like an orgasm in his mouth….’’Flavors dancing around on my taste buds like it was a disco party!!! Mhmm! Worth it for sure.’’

Dolicious co-owner and Donutopia co-creator Jeanne Kaminski while speaking to Vancouver Sun said that it takes three to five hours to make a single Donutopia’. Customers are advised to make orders at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that they have their rich delicacy in good time. All earnings from its sale are forwarded to a soup kitchen in west Kelowna as stated by the owners. however no stranger to lavish foods, there are numerous other businesses with exaggerated food prices. These include Stevenson Pizza in Richmond that offers a pizza for $850 and Vancouver’s Dougie Dog that sells a hot dog for $100. The Donutopia’ is nonetheless another great creation that offers you a new and exciting way to enjoy doughnuts and spend $100.

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