Overloading on Carbs at California Donuts

watermark californiadonuts 1024x1024 Overloading on Carbs at California Donuts

California… the state where the weather is near perfect all year round.  Donut… the sweet goodies filled with carbs and fats that we just can’t resist.  California Donuts… the sunny place in the west coast where we can fulfill our sweet desire for delicious donuts.

Hello, carb overload!  Yeah, we said it, and we have no shame.  Maybe it’s our “carb re-feed day” for us powerlifters and/or gym-goers or… maybe… just maybe… we felt like indulging in these cravings.  Whatever the reason, we’re here & we’re loving it.

Ever wonder what happened to the simplicity of just a plain glazed donut?  They no longer get that attention they deserve because donut shops are stepping up their game and getting ridiculously creative with a variety of their donut flavors!  The selections of donut flavors nowadays have surpassed our wildest dreams and imaginations.  Donut shops still sell the simple, plain glazed donuts, but when it’s put alongside these beautifully new flavors such as Oreos, and S’more flavored donuts, our wild and daring side can’t resist, but to try these new flavors.

California Donuts located in LA is known for their matcha green tea donuts.  We decided to drive to LA in the evening to see what the hype was all about.  Behind their glass window were glorious rows of assorted donuts.  We decided to try more than just the matcha green tea donut, and opted for an assortment.  Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.  At this moment and time, our sweet tooth was ecstatic even if it meant popping a few buttons loose on our pants to hold our belly.  There’s nothing that can come between us and our donuts, not even our pants.  We ended the night with a box of California Donuts and a cup of homemade black coffee.  We’re definitely sleeping happily tonight, and having sweet, sweet dreams.


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