Black Market Bakery Welcomes You to the Dark Side

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Black market

means to trade goods and services illegally. Feeling bad to the bone yet? Just a little. Black Market Bakery opened the door to our rebellious side. After all, the name entails “Black Market.” What does this mean? Let’s take a short trip down history lane. During World War II, baking ingredients were hard to find except in the black market. Fast forward to present day, there’s no place that bakes cookies the way Black Market Bakery does it. Yes, it’ll be pretty hard to find just like how those baking essentials were difficult to find decades ago during World War II.

Have you seen their logo?  We thought their logo was completely genius!  Outside of the store’s window, displays an image of two swords criss-crossed in front of a cake — Sort of like a sign of protection — At least that was our interpretation of it.  After all, we would fight to protect any cake or baked goodies in a heartbeat. Hand us the swords!

Another piece of their logo shows a UFO shaped like a cake abducting a human being. Our interpretation of this was that the baked goods have the power to lift us up, and take us away to an unknown world filled of sweets and goodies. Um, did we just get transported to heaven???!  We sure hope so.

The owner puts an extraordinary twist on her cookies. Yes, they offer other foods and baked goods, but we’ll be focusing on their ooey, gooey, delicious cookies.  These cookies are huuuuuuge, and we got to try the following:

       Black Strap Betty (Molasses and apricots):  Chewy Molasses Drop Cookie with Chunks of Dried Apricots

       Classic Two-Tone: Old-School Drop Cookie with Milk and Dark Chocolate Chunks

       Cinnamon Stick: Classic Snickerdoodle featuring Vanilla and Cinnamon

If we had to pick a favorite, we wouldn’t be able to do so.  Maybe it sounds like we’re totally bs-ing, but picking one favorite here would be difficult.  We can’t wait to come back, and unleash the ‘bad to the bone’ feeling and try more cookies!


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