Baskin-Robbins Kicks Off its 70th Birthday with “Celebrate 31″ Promo

HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY to the largest ice cream chain around!

Baskin Robbins Classic Sundaes Lineup Baskin Robbins Kicks Off its 70th Birthday with Celebrate 31 Promo

Baskin-Robbins ages like fine wine.  Even after all these years, they’re still hip and happening.  In celebration of their 70th birthday, they are offering a “Celebrate 31″ promotion!

What is this deal?  31% off all ice cream sundaes to all customers!

When? Sunday, May 31st!!! #gogogo

Where? Participating Baskin-Robbins locations nationwide

Why? Because it’s a birthday celebration!!!

Don’t miss out on this celebration.  Head on out to your nearest participating Baskin-Robbins and enjoy this special sundae “Celebrate 31″ deal.  Choose among a variety of sundaes from the Classic Two-Scoop Sundaes, Brownie Sundaes, Banana Royale Sundaes, Classic Banana Splits and Layered Sundaes.  You can even create your own customizable sundae with your preferred choice of ice cream flavors and toppings!  The choices are endless.

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