Baking Betty’s Keeps You Coming Back for S’more

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Baking Betty’s located in the food court of Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA gave us a lasting impression.  Have you ever walked around a shopping center, and stopped for a few seconds to wonder where that amazing smell of sweets/foods is coming from?  Or… have you ever walked by a bakery to simply stare at an endless display of assorted cookies, and realize that your eyes may be bigger than your stomach?  Well, Baking Betty’s cookies captured our attention for two reasons 1) the smell of fresh cookies right out of the oven, and 2) the variety of beautiful cookies behind the glass.  The cookies smelled ridiculously delicious, and the display was so clean that it practically made us drool.   We couldn’t wait to try them, and loved that they offered such a variety!  The flavors they have to offer taste like the real deal — the Creme Brulee practically tasted like the real dessert, and their Signature S’more tasted like a legit s’more in cookie form!

Photographed above are a dozen cookies we absolutely loved:

1) Cookies and cream
2) Rice Krispies
3) Creme Brulee
4) Monster
5) Circus Animal
6) Frosted Cookie
7) Reese’s
8) French Toast
9) Milky Way with Sea Salt
10) Chocolate Krispie Crunch
11) (2) Signature S’more

Diet shmiet.  A dozen cookies ready to be shared and devoured with a nice cold glass of milk is the perfect bed time snack.  It also kept us feeling like a child at heart.  It brought back great childhood memories like when we would leave cookies and milk by the fireplace for Santa Claus or when mom made us drink a glass of milk before bed so that our bones would get stronger as we got older.  Good times… we are definitely dreaming sweet tonight.

Baking Betty’s will definitely “keep you coming back for s’more.”

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