Afters Ice Cream – Best of Both Worlds in a Milky Bun

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Get ready, taste buds. You’re about to reach a high level of euphoria! Enter, the milky bun.

Afters Ice Cream based out of Orange County, CA ingeniously put a spin on two of our favorite desserts – donuts & ice cream. What do we call this amazing concoction? The milky bun. This milky bun features a glazed or non-glazed donut (depending on your preference) stuffed with an ice cream of your choice. Ordering this delightful dessert involves four easy steps: choose your ice cream flavor, fill it, seal it, and eat it.  Aside from the infamous milky bun, Afters also offers an incredible selection of ice cream in a cup or cone — from Cookie Dough, Strawberry, Vietnamese Coffee to Jasmine Milk Tea (just to name a few!), and our favorites — Cookie Monster & Mint Monster.

The gentlemen running the show here at Afters Ice Cream are doing something right because the lines seem to always be out the door.  Be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes if you come during peak hours, but we guarantee it’s worth the wait.  If you’re lucky, there’s no line at all. 

If you’ve been hearing people, friends, family, strangers, enemies, pets, lions, and unicorns rave about this ice cream shop, then it must be worth the hype.  We often hear people travel over 30 miles to try this donut ice cream sandwich (aka milky bun).  Many local shops have also replicated the idea of this so-called donut ice cream sandwich, but none have succeeded to draw in the crowd as Afters has done.  Recently, they have expanded into new territory in Orange County, CA with their very own stealthy looking matte black Ice Cream truck.  How awesome is that?!  A very strategic, and smart business move in our opinion since their store hours were forcefully changed to 9PM instead of the usual 12AM.  Afters on wheels… coming to a location near you from 9PM-12AM.  Genius, and we love it. 

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  1. […] Of course, there is also the option to purchase the unique ice cream flavors in a cup or cone.  However, if you have no idea what a Milky Bun truly is, then you’re in for a treat!  This is their specialty product.  It’s your choice of ice cream sandwiched between a glazed or non-glazed donut with the option of any toppings.  The first topping is FREE!  #theheavensareopening To read more about Afters and their Milky Bun, check out our original post! […]

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