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Donuts, Cookies, and Cream was established in beautiful southern California by three friends that lift weights together at the gym.  Ironically, the conversations in between each set of work outs constantly consisted of “I’m so hungry.  I’m craving a donut…” “I really want a cookie right about now…”  “Have you heard about that new ice cream spot that just opened?”   We would then show each other pictures of all these sweets mid-workout.   It was the perfect distraction because it somehow fueled our workouts, and mentally and physically energized us.

By the end of several weeks, we found ourselves taking mini trips together sharing and indulging in these cravings to our hearts’ content.  Desserts were one of our shared common interests, and we often talked about what places to try next.  Enter, the establishment of Donuts, Cookies, and Cream – your one stop resource guide to SoCal’s sweetest spots.



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Dung T.

Growing up, donuts and ice cream were a rare special treat and because of those childhood memories, Dung has always had a special place in his heart for these treats. He has a sweet tooth like no other, often scaring friends away when they see him attacking the dessert buffets. His goal is to share his passion for sweets so the whole world can enjoy and create amazing memories.




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Thinh L.

As a child, there were times where Thinh would ditch Sunday school ( not recommended )  to walk to the local Donut shop one building over. Eventually, he fell out of love with sweets due to fitness reasons, but within the recent years fellow “DCC’ers” re-introduced Thinh to the sweet life. Still eating Donuts, Cookies, and Cream regularly, he has fit these sweets into his lifestyle and never looked back.




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Christina B.

Christina is the type of girl who used to work out to eat.  Now she eats to work out, and finds that she is often powered by donuts, especially on leg days.  Her sweet tooth is out of this world, but she finds a way to keep these bad boys in her life with a balanced diet  #IIFYM.  Donuts, Cookies, and Cream will simply win her over, and brighten her day within a heartbeat.

Instagram: @DonutsCookiesAndCream
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